By Dr. Michael E. Starzak

The French Experience Book   The French Experience
By Dr. Michael E. Starzak

My wife, children and I, of course, were thrilled by the thought of a year on the French Riviera. The year, however, was nothing we predicted. The preparations, the travel through Europe, the decrepit VW van and the adjustment to school, shopping and language led to a series of unexpected, often light-hearted, situations as we all adjusted to life in a new culture. The year also gave a perspective on our own culture.

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Excerpt One:
Desperation is the last resort of a conservative like me. Plan Z was implemented . Anndrea got out of the van and I rolled back down the hill to a position that would permit the van to start up the hill at its puny, but maximal, speed. Click Here for More

Excerpt Two:
phone. Anndrea and the girls relaxed while Roger and I piled into his more appropriate French car. The appropriateness became clear shortly after we started down that innocent looking side street. Because the pre-Alps are so steep, the roads are punctuated by a series of hairpin turns which extend the length of the drive but make it less steep.  Click Here for More

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