The Polish Experience

Chapter 1 An Opportunity
Chapter 2 The First Charter Flight
Chapter 3 A Class B Hotel
Chapter 4 Moscow
Chapter 5 Shopping? In Moscow
Chapter 6 The Conference and Soviet Bureaucracy
Chapter 7 Tourists at Last
Chapter 8 On the Volga with the KGB
Chapter 9 The Banquet
Chapter 10 Escape from Moscow
Chapter 11 Warsaw and Another Communism
Chapter 12 A Self-Guided Tour of Warsaw
Chapter 13 Airport Security in 1972
Chapter 14 Krakow Capitalism
Chapter 15 A Very Full Day on Polish Roads
Chapter 16 Slovakia in Daylight
Chapter 17 Slovak Roots
Chapter 18 Prague and Crystal
Chapter 19 Vienna and Copenhagen
Chapter 20 Poland Again
Chapter 21 The Mother of All Departures
Chapter 22 On the Road Again
Chapter 23 The New Warsaw
Chapter 24 Interactions
Chapter 25 God Works in Mysterious Ways
Chapter 26 Krakow and Zakoopanie
Chapter 27 On Our Own
Chapter 28 A Wrodaw Self-Orientation
Chapter 29 A Real House in Poland
Chapter 30 The Polytechnical University
Chapter 31 The Fine Art of Telephone Communications
Chapter 32 We Meet Our New Car, Agnieszka
Chapter 33 Aren't Garages for Cars?
Chapter 34 Another Taste of the West
Chapter 35 The Polish Plumber
Chapter 36 Our Version of Polish Life
Chapter 37 Life in Zebice
Chapter 38 Four Legged Residents
Chapter 39 Agnieszka's Peril
Chapter 40 A "Catholic" Church
Chapter 41 Don't Pick Up Strangers
Chapter 42 Polish Easter
Chapter 43 The Furnace
Chapter 44 More Journeys
Chapter 45 France
Chapter 46 Polish Roots
Chapter 47 In-Laws, Slovakia and Crystal
Chapter 48 Cultures
Chapter 49 The Adoption Gambit
Chapter 50 Klodzko
Chapter 51 Communion
Chapter 52 The First Departure
Chapter 53 The Final Month
Chapter 54 Departure 2
Chapter 55 Reverberations





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